The Company

TJ Asher Photography Studios is dedicated to providing our customers personal service. We are flexible and work with our customers to achieve the results they are looking for.

The Photographer

Todd Asher, OwnerTodd Asher, owner and principal photographer of TJ Asher Photography studios, was given his first camera by his grandmother when he was eleven. He credits her with nurturing his passion for photography. She was a true shutterbug who rarely ever went anywhere without her camera. He developed a fondness for nature and photographing it while living next to Glacier National Park and the two could often be seen snapping away together.

Artistic Vision

His grandmother was also an accomplished artist and painter. His mother is a talented illustrator. With such an artistic heritage, it is not surprising that he has been continuously driven to express himself artistically. Even as a young child, when he first began drawing, he had an innate sense of composition. That artistic expression has also spanned many forms of art, photography and music.

In high school, Todd and his friends practiced photograhy and experimented with various photography techniques. They developed their own film in a home darkroom.

Since the beginning of the personal computer revolution he has been fascinated with merging technology and art, creating animations and artwork using computers since he first laid hands on one of the original Apple computers in high school.

He studied art and composition in college where he began to refine his drawing skills and became enamored with the simple compositional styles of artists like Andrew Wyeth.

He had a brief stint working in graphic design but was led in a different direction by the need to support a family and he persued a more 'practical' career for a time as a programmer.

He never lost his passion for photography and occaisionally assisted other photographers while maintaining his 'practical' career.

The recent advances in digital camera technology have allowed him to finally merge his passions together seamlessly. The combination of art and technology blend naturally for him. He finds photography to be a perfect blend of artistic creativity combined with technical challenges.

He brings his creative background and natural eye for composition to his photography. His style is simple and uncluttered.

The Logo

The logo is a stylized version of Todd Asher's initials - T J A. He originally designed it in high school to sign his artwork.

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